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Training in Coaching Employees

Coaching Employees in Skills, Attitudes and Behaviors of Professional Excellence

Immediately usable and practical manager training

Coaching Employees Training, Davis-Mayo Associates

This manager training invites key personnel to…

  1. Acquire foundational habits for being an effective coach, including:
  • BEST PRACTICES to invite customer loyalty and employee engagement
  • HABITS inviting team and inter-group effectiveness
  1. Master professionalism by matching “intent” with “style”—understanding how good habits can go bad
  • Including COACHING TOOLS for personal balance—in self and with others
  • Including a STYLE ASSESSMENT
  1. Become aware of forces underlying effective coaching habits—and how to embody them effectively
  2. See how to match coaching style with an employee’s needs—one size does not fit all
  • Assessing employee performance
  • Including COACHING TOOLS to influence people’s behavior and attitudes
  • Practical applications of matching coaching style with employee need
  1. Learn and practice key communication skills and habits, including:
  • Practical COACHING TOOLS
  • Interpersonal & inter-departmental dialog
  • TOOLS for coaching group communication and problem-solving
  • Powerful SERVICE TOOLS to invite customer loyalty
  1. Learn 3 ways to respect and care for employees and customers, incorporating:
  • Important COACHING HABITS to invite employees to own their jobs
  1. Understand how to conduct effective one-on-one meetings with employees
  • The flow to follow in every interaction with an employee
  • 5 Dialogs to have with employees
  • 4 Degrees of intervention
  • One-on-ones with new hires
  1. Commit to alignment (key best practices)
  • Confronting the “brutal facts”
  • Focused alignment
  • Accountability: results through objective evaluation
  • Coaching people through transition
  1. Create a game plan about how to practically apply the program on-the-job

*   Other components may be added to address your needs.

Important companion to our SERVICE EXCELLENCE Customer Service Training. This management training shows how to make our “Service Excellence” customer service training impact your organization for the long-haul.

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