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 Doctors – Providers
Faculty – Attorneys – Accountants

Lower job stress levels while upgrading professionalism and service through professional service training uniquely geared toward highly educated professionals.  This customer service training is a credible no-nonsense approach.

We have seen that respect toward others and high-level professionalism can be readily learned and integrated.  The concepts and skills in our professional service training move beyond a surface approach that might be called “smile training.” An easily learned model invites personal development while upgrading one’s ability to manage customer and co-worker attitudes and behaviors.  Key issues creating most professional dilemmas are addressed.  Field-tested best practices are provided.Professional Service Training Live at your location

Participants learn a model describing typical responses to stress, along with immediately useful approaches that invite positive exchanges & outcomes.  “The Excellence Flow” and skills during “moments of truth” open the way for:

  1. Effective partnership and better perceptions of your organization;
  2. Professionals’ positive behavior that is reinforced interaction after interaction;
  3. Awareness and understanding among professional groups as they coordinate efforts to manage the workplace experience better and better.


1) Introduction.
Insights about the people-side of the job

2) Professional Balance.
I can give customers, colleagues, and staff a great experience only when I’m in balance myself

3) Managing Imbalance in Self, Customers and Coworkers. 
A self-description model creates practical awareness about human behavior and how it impacts effective outcomes

4) 4 Habits to Remain “Professional Always.”
 Two thinking habits & two doing habits to stay a balanced, respectful, effective professional

5) The Professional Excellence Flow.
Specific practical steps to manage each customer and coworker interaction with excellence

6) Additional Best Practices—as needed

7) Follow-up and Reinforcement Resources

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