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“The premier customer service training available.”
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Service Excellence Customer Service Training - Live at your location

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  • Because we customize it for you, using your scenarios and vocabulary during the session.
  • Because we deliver the training live onsite at your location.
  • Because our seasoned facilitators blend professional experience with specialized knowledge of customer service, adult learning and organizational development.
  • Because of results: we position the program to impact your customer service metrics.

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Our Customer Service Training Content

(Will be customized to your needs)

1) Eye-opening Realities.  Insights about the people-side of service

  • Service is about managing customer perception (not always reality)
  • How to understand and manage customer expectations
  • Why some don’t complain to us, yet talk badly about us to others
  • Science behind building positive perceptions, one exchange at a time
  • Beyond customer satisfaction:  how to invite customer loyalty

2) Professional Balance is Everything.  I can give customers a great experience only when I’m in balance myself — it is not about how I feel; it is about how I behave professionally

  • Importance of being professional always — your personal “brand”
  • Assessing my own predictable behaviors when I lose balance
  • Tools to maintain balance for myself and team
  • Being in charge of my own stress management
  • How to handle it when I’m the “target” of an out-of-control customer
  • Respectful professional behavior is not a mystery:  3 specific ways I can always give respect
  • Increasing my capacity for solving problems and making decisions

3) Managing Imbalance in Customers and Coworkers.  A self-description model creates practical awareness about how to handle difficult people and difficult situations

  • How to assess when customers or coworkers are stressed
  • Difficult people and situations:  matching their stress behavior with the right approach
  • Effectively handling difficult customer behaviors
  • Specific approaches to irate or abusive customers
  • How to move on when the person has regained balance
  • Ways to add value while managing customers’ stress

Customer Service Training Live On-site4) Key Habits to Remain Professional Always.  2 thinking habits & 6 doing habits to stay a balanced, respectful professional

  • One powerful attitude of a consistently positive professional
  • One powerful mindset of a consistently effective professional
    • Replacing phrases customers don’t want to hear; how to say “no”
    • Embracing situational creativity
  • Consistent professionalism:  committing to 6 other important personal habits

5) The Service Excellence Flow–How to Do It Every TimeSpecific practical steps to manage each customer interaction with excellence

  • Always begins with my professional “brand” – a choice that can always be made
  • Connecting:  2 essentials that impact customer perception
  • Serving:
    • Effective communication tools and probing to understand
    • How to listen to understand others and manage their expectations
    • Problem-solving
    • How to say “no”
    • Key words for important moments
    • Tips & techniques (language barriers, talkative people, etc.)
  • Closing: 3 key habits to create loyalty & future trust

6) Additional Best Practices—as needed

  • Email best practices
  • Telephone skills
  • Internal customer service tips and tools
  • Communication skills – tools for individuals and teams
  • Change management and transition management insights
  • And more

7) Follow-up and Reinforcement Resources

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