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Change Management

Organization Development Change Management“Your organization development change management assistance over the past year has been well received and greatly appreciated. We have gained a tremendous amount of insight into our company as a whole. We have learned many things through your advisory sessions, forums and meetings and will utilize the tools and approaches you provided us well into the future.”  President & CEO of a Phoenix area Development Corporation


We provide onsite analysis, propose and support initiatives, and follow up. We listen and understand before recommending solutions. We…

  • Help clients align 9 critical elements of their “Whole System” to make the most of their resources.
  • Assist clients in cultivating the “culture” to enable people & groups to achieve operational goals.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING                More about our Change Workshop

We facilitate planning, change readiness and change management. This may include…

  • Pre-work to insure that change agents have the awareness and tools needed to plan and execute.
  • Change management training to provide executives and managers approaches, tools and alignment best practices.
  • A change management communication plan and transition monitoring tools.


Align training & development with key business needs. You get the benefit of our nationally field-tested experience and best practices applied to your unique needs.  We…

  • Listen and understand your needs before recommending solutions.
  • Provide onsite situation-specific analysis.
  • Propose, develop, and deliver custom training sessions or workshops.

“The facilitator has an uncanny way of courting stakeholders and bringing them into the hard realities we need to face.”  Vice President, Fortune 500 Company