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Motivational customer service speaker who i
nvites professionals to make a meaningful difference…

Bob_Davis-Mayo_Speaker_3_jpg[1]Bob Davis-Mayo has spoken for more than 25 years to groups small and large. As a customer service speaker, he brings you field-tested best practices and insights, together with practical applications and memorable anecdotes.

Bob has supported organizations nationally and internationally in customer service consulting, management development, and world-class customer service training programs across the United States and other countries. He also speaks about management, leadership, and organizational dynamics.


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“Your presentation was dynamic! Thank you for providing the ambiance for us to examine ourselves deeply and recommit to excellence.”  Colonel & Deputy Commander, US Army (after speaking at “Commander Call”)

“Great program, Bob. I am convinced this marks a new era in our growth towards service excellence. I spent a lot of time researching various options…so many choices in the market just seemed hollow–just about technique, but nothing about understanding the customer and coworker or changing behavior. Your presentation was informative, fun, revealing, contemporary and sincere. I think we received a huge value. Thank you! I had a chance to speak with everyone and get their impressions. They are onboard and genuinely excited about the program. One employee called it ‘life changing!'”  Head of Operations for a commercial & residential service company on the East Coast

Motivational customer service speaker Bob Davis-Mayo