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 Team Building Workshops

Team building workshops to bring out the best in individuals and teams.

WORKSHOP 1Team Building: Relating Skills for Quality”  Click to see below

WORKSHOP 2 “Process Improvement Workshop”       Click to see below

WORKSHOP 3 “Workplace Wellbeing”                              Click to see below


Team Building:  Relating Skills for Quality


  • Develop a conviction that managing their own personal response to stress is directly related to the team’s success–and how to do that.
  • Discover their preferred coping style under stress–and its consequences on self and others.
  • Apply their understanding of stress coping styles to team members and other stakeholders.
  • Grow personal competence to regain balance when stress pulls them into non-effective behavior patterns.
  • Apply the knowledge of how a team develops specific objectives, time lines, and accountability.
  • Build and maintain motivation while keeping stress at manageable levels.
  • Work through and resolve real team issues to a superior result.

Team Building Workshop, Davis-Mayo Associates

  • Experience trust-building, even under stress, to build competitive advantage.
  • Quickly identify personal stress patterns and the stress patterns of others.
  • Take concrete action to create “good days” for the team and other stakeholders.
  • Apply effectiveness patterns on the job—where having options leads to creative problem solving.
  • Learn how to “invite” others out of their stress behavior and into productivity and balance.
  • Practice techniques for minimizing stress and waste during change and transition.
  • Adopt new techniques for productively addressing old and unresolved team issues.
  • Discover new forms of self-talk that promote trust, collaboration, and exceptional outcomes.
  • Acquire coherent communication habits and approaches.


For the Organization

  • Instilling attitudes and behaviors for productivity
  • Unleashing the benefits of trust—stopping costly erosion
  • Building trust and alignment on-the-job

For the TeamTeam Workshop 2, Davis-Mayo Associates

  • Building never-known-before team potential
  • Characteristics of effective and ineffective teams
  • A “can do” team paradigm
  • Steps for teaming to exceptional outcomes
  • Team problem solving of historically troublesome issues
  • Consensus building
  • Tools for coherent communication
  • Techniques for renewal (as a team and individually)

For the Individual

  • Stress styles, self-image and teaming—self discovery
  • Identifying one’s personal effectiveness pattern—self confidence
  • Personalizing strengths—self management
  • Inviting others from “distress”—self effectiveness
  • Change, transition and stress management—self balance


“Being able to work on the REAL issues with [the facilitator] allowed us to break through some BIG team barriers.”

“I had no idea how much my own attitude was affecting our team.”

“The opportunity to do the ‘Quality Performance Agreements’ has opened communication on our team in a big way.”

“I haven’t seen a really dynamite team building approach like this.”

“I was wary coming into this session. But it exceeded my expectations! This was no usual ‘team building’ thing!”

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“Process Improvement Workshop”

A Customer/Supplier Process Improvement Seminar

Practical, focused approaches to improving a process while enlisting the support of its stakeholders, and managing a portfolio of processes.

“Teach ‘em to fish:” Participants learn to conduct the process improvement effort, resulting in commitment & ownership. They leave the session with clarity about what to do & how to do it.

The ‘missing link’ in most process improvement efforts: Unique to the program is emphasis on understanding the people side of process improvement to insure success.

Process Improvement Training, Davis-Mayo Associates

“The Process Improvement Workshop gave us tools that saved us over $300,000.00 in the first three months we used them.”  Department Director of a Fortune 1000 Company

BENEFITS to PARTICIPANTS & YOUR ORGANIZATIONProcess Improvement Training, Davis-Mayo Associates

  • Understand how to reduce cost and improve customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Grasp key dynamics between people and groups that impact process improvement–and what to do.
  • Obtain tools and approaches for process improvement efforts and manage your “process portfolio.”
  • Learn opportunities to reduce waste, time and cost by exposing gaps and issues–and what to do.
  • Map what success looks like and how to get there with an action plan
  • Acquire a variety of practical tools to use immediately.

* Can be extended to two days if an organization wants to include an actual process improvement effort as part of the workshop.

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“Workplace Wellbeing”

Employee engagement through personal and group balance

Davis-Mayo Associates Employee Training

The overarching focus of this series of sessions is personal & professional balance, leading to a more satisfying & productive work environment for people at all levels.

“Workplace Wellbeing” is designed to address undercurrents that threaten morale and productivity, such as stress, conflict, trust erosion and root causes of job dissatisfaction. It is carefully crafted to set the stage for participants to process the issues and dilemmas that lead to personal and group imbalance.

The plenary sessions with employees are often accompanied by sessions for supervisors and managers of the group involved. Taken as a whole, this approach is a potent, honest, realistic journey to retain or regain a work environment where morale and motivation underpin productivity.

Careful pre-work prepares the way for buy-in and insures that the sessions are on target.

The facilitator has extensive experience in leading groups through difficult waters and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your specific situation.

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