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Customer Service Consultant

“We went through an exhaustive process where we weeded through over a dozen different customer service consulting companies through an RFP and interview process to select a customer service consultant. Bob and his team not only gave us the best proposal, they conducted themselves in the manner in which we want to operate. They were friendly, timely and professional.”  –General Manager, Regional Transportation Company

“Customer satisfaction survey scores continue to improve month by month, and a large part of that is due to your ongoing efforts as our customer service consultant.”   –CEO of a Healthcare System

 Customer Service Consultant, Davis-Mayo Associates

Our customer service consulting is an outcome-based approach to define a clear path of action to help you build a culture of service and accountability.

Customers and employees must…

  • Think certain things about your products and services;
  • Feel certain ways about your people and processes.

We typically work onsite to provide your management team with tools, tactics and a process enabling you to unfreeze–>shift–>refreeze conditions, attitudes and behaviors in your organization.

Customer Service Consulting

While we customize the approach for you, the following is representative:


  • Establish a compass for the initiative
  • Gauge your corporate, functional and site readiness
  • Pulse your current customer and employee satisfaction & loyalty
  • Identify and rate customer perception points and processes
  • Provide a gap analysis
  • Determine action steps for “areas of focus”


  • Organization-wide focus on “4 Fields of Success” & Best Practices
  • Establish service teams to address key issues
  • Conduct “Management Forums” to align and commit to best practices
  • Conduct customer service training for employees
  • Calibrate HR, Finance and other functions to support accountability
  • Facilitate “Service Value Chain” reviews & establish dashboard metrics


  • Obtain feedback from customers, employees, managers
  • Promote recognition and celebration
  • Set the stage for continuous improvement & lasting results

Managers acquire communication skills paired with professional attitudes and behaviors for lasting results:

  • Managing “The Service Value Chain” & confronting brutal factsCustomer Service Consultant 2, Davis-Mayo Associates
  • Managing “Four Fields of Success”–focused alignment & metrics
  • Managing for accountability: getting results through evaluation
  • Managing through coherent communication
  • “Pulling” the right performance from employees
  • Hiring the right employees and motivating them

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