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Your Professional Brand

Have you thought about your personal professional brand?  “Brand?”  It is a very personal connection that forms in the minds of customers and coworkers through their experience with you—at every point of contact.  It impacts everything! Each of us has our own personal “brand” as a professional.  Groups, teams and departments have a brand, too. […]

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How Online Customers Want to Communicate

Harris Interactive found the following about how online customers want to communicate.  62% of consumers online who have had a problem researching a product/service or with the product/service itself go to a company/brand’s website to find information.  28% of customers online said that by improving website usability and search functionality companies can better engage with […]

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Professional Self Image Drives Everything

Years of experience with customer service providers in vastly different organizations suggests that mental habits are predictably reflected habitually in professional behavior.  Professional self image drives everything! SELF IMAGE is the picture a person carries of one’s self as they interact in any situation.  This self-picture impacts the “pictures” a person generates mentally of customers or colleagues (and of […]

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Managing Employee Discontent

Employee discontent?   The impulse is to smother employee discontent. Organizations are afraid of it.  Is it squelched in your team of service providers from time to time?  Perhaps it is a clue that something needs attention. It is not easy to embrace discontent, though. Organizations must maintain a sense of stability—the reason an “organization” exists.  So, psychological barriers […]

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Ideal Response Time for Handling Customer Complaints

What is the ideal time frame for responding to a customer complaint? Our experience suggests that the number one thing that dis-satisfies customers is “how long you took to handle my problem.”  This holds true across industries for handling customer complaints. However, an ideal response timeframe does not necessarily equate to elapsed time.  It is […]

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