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A Senior VP of a Fortune 500 company calls our program “the premier customer relations program available.”

Davis-Mayo Associates Client TestimonialsA customer service department Team Leader wrote, “We found the missing link. All the things we could list on paper were in place and working, but until our people learned how to build trust with one another, we couldn’t really make it go.”

The CEO of a national technology company commented, “This approach has given my people the ability to stay balanced under pressure and know how to interact professionally on a daily basis with our clients.”

A Senior VP of an international bank:  “If you ever, ever need a reference for your class – please use me. We are still using your model. Really, it has become a cultural cornerstone for us and the way we discuss work relations.”

Following the training of more than 3,000 personnel, an executive shared that customers wrote and called congratulating them on the changes the customers experienced…

“I don’t know what you did…but, you’ve changed.”
… “Your people are a lot better. Keep it up!”
… “There was a delay. I became angry & vented at the agent. Suddenly I realized that I was being handled in a very professional manner. I could tell these people had been properly trained.”
“Wow, what service!”

A director of a national beverage company says, “This gives my analysts and service personnel the know-how and want-to for dealing exceptionally well with our distributors.”


“The benefits for me go beyond learning to relate to customers with better results. The skills help me off the job as well.”   Participant from a national financial institution

“Your customer service program is unique because it teaches us to pay as much attention to ourselves as we do to our customers. I have to be “ok” before I can be positive with customers.”   Participant from a national retail chain

“This was very much needed for all of us. I have new strategies to approach customers that I’ve felt anxious about dealing with in the past.”  Participant from technology support at a federal agency in D.C.

“The day proved to be a strengthening session to improve our relationships with customers and coworkers. It was innovative, interesting and thought provoking.  I actually see my job in a whole new light.”  Participant from a small company in Minnesota six months after the customer service session

Customer Service Training, Davis-Mayo Associates Client Testimonials

“The course helps me prepare to do my job much better–how to deal with people efficiently. Very good techniques. Useful and very insightful.”  Participant from a state agency

“The skills & ideas help me as much with my coworkers as with purchasing customers.”  Participant from a regional bank

“I started using the ideas at home as well as at work. I found that when one (home or work) is better, the other gets a whole lot better.”  Participant from a regional service organization

We regularly hear these descriptions about our program from participants:

“Eye opening.”            “Life changing!”                   “Very informative.”                “Useful and insightful.”

“Excellent.”       “Great, strong advice.”        “Practical.”          “Interesting and on target.”

“Thought-provoking.”      “Well worth the time and investment.”      “Others in our org. would benefit.”


A manufacturing executive contacted us about their front line service reps. They were receiving too many customer complaints. Their reps. were struggling with difficult, irate customers. His people were, themselves, experiencing stress, and many lacked confidence in dealing with uncomfortable situations. “Morale is not what we want” it to be,” he said—and that was reflected in lower than acceptable customer and employee satisfaction. He told us he needed a way to show his service providers that the company cared about them, but he also needed to make a “culture change” so that the reps. “owned” customers’ needs.

His people needed to be consistently professional and to show customers that their company cared about them, even when handling difficult situations. “We need practical training, specific to our situation,” he said. We delivered a program to enable these capabilities.

RESULT: Customer satisfaction has improved, internal morale is up. “Our culture has turned a positive corner,” the executive told us.