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Customer Service Live Webinar

Webinar Customer Service Training
Live Customer Service Webinar

Our customer service webinar version of the “Service Excellence” customer service training is now available. Learn by LIVE WEBINAR at your computer.

KEY TO OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING’S SUCCESS is a uniquely effective interpersonal behavioral model. Participants learn how stress affects relating behaviors–theirs, in coworkers, and in customers. This understanding is the key to professionalism & exceptional service! Participants commit to:
(1) staying balanced as a respectful, professional problem-solver;
(2) regaining balance quickly when stress takes its toll;
(3) recognizing stress patterns in others and helping them regain balance;
(4) communication skills training.


Self-confidence: Positive self-esteem and effectiveness

Initiative: Proactive professionalism, self-motivation and reclaiming “the why” I’m doing this

Assertiveness: Effective questioning and expressing opinion without rudeness

Coping Skill: Managing one’s own stress and stress in customers or peers

Adaptability/Flexibility: Handling change and people’s perception

Communication Skills: Rapport, mutual understanding, agreement

Problem Solving: Diagnose problems quickly and formulate solutions

Listening Skill: Actively listen to understand and respond accordingly

Self-control: Keeping your head = being “professional always”

Empathy: Assessing another person’s perception and addressing it with care

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Live group Webinars

Webinars for Individuals

  • We can still customize each webinar for your needs, using your situations and addressing your challenges.
  • Learn field-tested best practices.
  • Acquire habits of excellence and attitudes of excellence to maintain consistent professionalism.
  • Learn about yourself as a basis of interacting with others.
  • See how to manage difficult situations and difficult people.
  • Learn how to connect well and close well (in person or on the phone).
  • Commit to behavioral habits that will allow you to listen to understand people — and then speak to be understood by them.
  • Apply the learnings to your work life and personal life.
  • And much more.

Live Customer Service Webinar

Contact us: info@davismayoassociates.com