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How Online Customers Want to Communicate

Harris Interactive found the following about how online customers want to communicate.  62% of consumers online who have had a problem researching a product/service or with the product/service itself go to a company/brand’s website to find information.  28% of customers online said that by improving website usability and search functionality companies can better engage with them to encourage them to spend more.

How Online Customers Want to Communicate

If customers can’t find what they need online, they want the option to engage with a live  person on the phone or a live person to respond to an email or chat online…

1) 73% prefer to speak directly to a live customer service agent

2) 66% want to send an email when they interact with a company.

When consumers are researching a company’s product or service online or having a problem with a product/service, they usually call (62%) or email (49%) the company directly.

–18% of consumers want to be able to chat online with a live agent.

–43% of online customers use a search engine.

REFLECTION:  Are we making ourselves available in the way online customers want to communicate?

Although a couple years old, these findings remain suggestive… This Customer Experience Impact Report was conducted within the U.S. by Harris Interactive on behalf of RightNow Technologies September 2009 among 2,295 U.S. adults ages 18 years or older.