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Professional Self Image Drives Everything

Years of experience with customer service providers in vastly different organizations suggests that mental habits are predictably reflected habitually in professional behavior.  Professional self image drives everything!

SELF IMAGE is the picture a person carries of one’s self as they interact in any situation.  This self-picture impacts the “pictures” a person generates mentally of customers or colleagues (and of their friends, family, or any other person). “Picture” = my perception of you.


  1. What “picture” do I carry in my own mind that has made a person or group into an “it” rather than human?
  2. What “pictures” do I carry that have made me unprofessional or even incoherent in certain relationships?

I’ve always remembered what my eighth grade biology teacher said: “To belittle is to be little.”  Such is the power of that “picture” I hold of myself–the power of self-image–and how it impacts my “pictures” of others.

Our customer service training invites participants to take a look at their professional self-image and provides practical ways for it to grow powerfully and healthfully.